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Step 1 - Several default bullpens are provided by Motus, but users can customize and save their own bullpens.  Tap the green CUSTOM bar located found at the bottom of the Bullpen Panel.  Next, tap "Add Sequence" to begin the process of building your custom bullpen. 

Step 2 - To begin constructing your custom bullpen select "windup" or "stretch" then tap the "PITCH TYPE".

NOTE: Scroll or swipe down the SELECT PITCH TYPE list to view the entire list.

Step 3 - Tap "LOCATION" to choose the target pitch location.

Step 4 - Lastly, tap the (-) or (+) buttons on "# THROWS" to select the total number of throws.  When finished, tap the OK button.

You completed a customer bullpen.  

OPTIONAL: Select "Add Sequence" to repeat the process and add more sequences.

Step 5 - Tap DONE when you are finished.  Your custom bullpen is now ready to use.

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