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Step 1 - Tap the PLUS (+) icon then select the Lightning Bolt icon to enter Live Mode.


Step 2 - Now you're in Live Mode - notice the title has changed from Workload to Live Mode.  The Bluetooth Connection Icon appears GREY when the App is not connected to the mThrow device.  Tap the settings Bluetooth icon to connect to your mThrow device.

NOTE: the Bluetooth Connection Icon will appear GREEN if the App is connected to your mThrow device.


Step 3 - Select your mThrow device from the list of available sensors.  Once you activate your mThrow device tap on the cross icon (X) to return to the Live Mode screen.


Step 4 - your mThrow may discover untransferred throws that were captured outside of Live mode. You will be prompted to transfer these throws or you can choose to delete them.


Step 5 - The Bluetooth Connection Icon turns green when the App is connected to your mThrow device.  You're paired and ready to capture throws in Live Mode!

Step 6 - Now you're ready to throw with your mThrow device!  You will notice that the data populates the screen when throwing begins.  Tap on the result to expand the view of metrics for a more detailed explanation of each metric.



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