How do I pair my mThrow device to my App account?

mSupport Agent -

Please NOTE: Every time you leave LIVE Mode you will need to reconnect (pair) to your mThrow device. This is to prevent your App from automatically connecting to another device and downloading data that is not collected on your device.  In addition, this allows coaches to select from multiple devices as per their players' list.

We are continually updating the mThrow device, therefore, future enhancements and firmware updates could allow for a permanent pair.

Step 1 - in LIVE Mode, tap on the Bluetooth connection icon.

Step 2 - Select your mThrow device from the list, then tap on the cross icon (x) to return to the LIVE Mode panel.




Step 3 - mThrow may discover untransferred throws previously captured while you were not paired. You will be prompted to transfer them or delete them.

Step 4 - Connection Icon turns green when app is connected to an mThrow Sensor - you are paired and ready to capture throw data!

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