How do I manage my players within my Coaches Account?

mSupport Agent -

Step 1 - Players can request to join your team by navigating to the Coach Connect tab and entering your email account.  Once they send a request you will see the Athlete's name appear on your Roster.  You must Accept or Deny each player's request.

Step 2 - Once your players are accepted each player will appear on your team roster where you can display their 7-day workload.

If a player you coach already owns and has registered an mThrow, his or her profile information with be transferred when they link to your team.

NOTE: Tap Add More Athletes to add new player profiles.  This is only for players who do not have their own registered mThrow.

Step 3 - Just Tap on a player's name and their workload will appear on screen. Once their Workload appears you can swipe left or right to navigate between that player's Workload and 7 Day Workload Trend.

Step 4 - To Review a player's profile just swipe left on the player's name in the roster list and click on Review Profile.  

Note: You can delete a player from your roster.  Just Tap on the Delete button.



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