How do I Sign Up for a new mThrow Coaches account?

mSupport Agent -

Step 1 - Tap Sign up to create a new account.  If you have an existing account just tap Sign in.


Step 2 - Enter first name, last name & email.  Choose and confirm your password. Click NEXT.


Step 3 - Read entire Privacy Policy then tap I AGREE to continue.


Step 4 - Enter your age then tap NEXT.


Step 5 - Select COACH then tap NEXT.


Step 6 - Enter your team name, read the important message carefully, then Tap the SEND button.


Step 7 - Create profiles of Athlete's you train that do NOT have their own mThrow device. Enter contact information for each player (who does not have their own mThrow device) then hit NEXT.  

NOTE: If a player has their own mThrow device, their profile information will be transferred to your account when they link to your team.

Step 8 - Enter the Athlete's gender, height, weight and handedness then Tap NEXT.

Step 9 - Follow the on-screen instructions to connect to your mThrow sleeve. Tap "GET STARTED" button to begin using mThrow!





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