How do I transfer throw data ("dumping data") when I was NOT capturing in LIVE Mode?

mSupport Agent -

Step 1 - mThrow will collect your throws even if you are not in LIVE Mode.  After you use mThrow (when you are not in LIVE Mode), tap on the BlueTooth icon to enter LIVE Mode.

Step 2 - Select your mThrow device from the list, then tap on the cross icon (x) to return to the LIVE Mode panel.

Step 3 - Before the mThrow App returns you to the LIVE Mode panel, the App will discover untransferred throws that were captured outside of LIVE Mode and will automatically prompt you to transfer them (or delete them).  Select transfer to download the throws into your mThrow App account OR select delete to disregard the throws that you collected (Please Note: if you select Delete they will be permanently erased from your mThrow device's memory).


NOTE: The Connection Icon turns Green when app is connected to a mThrow sensor.  The Connection Icon will appear GREY if it is disconnected. 

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