How do I Sign Up for a new mThrow Athelete account?

mSupport Agent -

Step 1 - Tap Sign up to create a new account.  If you have an existing account just tap Sign in.


Step 2 - Enter first name, last name & email.  Choose and confirm your password. Click NEXT.


Step 3 - Read entire Privacy Policy then tap I AGREE to continue.


Step 4 - Enter your age, select ATHLETE then tap NEXT.

NOTE: This is the AGE of the Athlete.


Step 5 - Select Athlete and then tap NEXT.


Step 6 - Enter your gender, height, weight, position, level and prominent hand. Then tap NEXT.


Step 7 - Follow the on-screen instructions to connect to you mThrow sleeve. Tap the "GET STARTED" button to begin using mThrow!

Step 8 - OPTIONAL:  CONNECT your account to your Coach's Account.

Tap the Menu icon to open the Dashboard.  Tap Coach Connect to link to your coach to share data.

Step 9 - Enter your coach's email address then press SEND.  The team name associated with your coach's email address with appear here.  Select CHANGE TEAM to choose a new team.

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